Is The Doctor Or The Fertility Clinic More Important

Some of you may have been with your primary care physician for years. Or haven’t switched gynecologists since you started going. Your dentist is the one your parents use.

Or maybe your insurance carriers tell you who you can go to. For most of us once we find a physician we are comfortable with we stay put until they retire or we move. So choosing a physician or clinic is probably new to most of you. When it comes to choosing a fertility clinic there isn’t a manual helping you make the choice, a choice that really is probably the most personal health choice you will make. Because the vast majority of insurance carriers do not cover fertility treatments infertility clinics in abu dhabi or even the diagnostic testing I am going to safely assume asking your carrier for a referral is not an option. However, I highly recommend calling your carrier prior to diagnostic testing and finding out what part of testing if any is covered.

Work with the billing department in your physician’s office as well as your physician directly you’d be surprised how many other diagnoses can be used on tests other than infertility that your insurance will cover. I worked with my gynecologist and endocrinologist to make sure all lab slips and ultrasounds did not have infertility as the diagnosis and therefore they were covered by my insurance. So once you know the next step in your infertility journey is finding a clinic where do you begin? ) Word of mouth referrals are always a great source. Ask your friends, ask their friends. With over % of people of reproductive age given a diagnosis of infertility chances are you know someone who has been down the road you are beginning.

This is also a time to realize that trying to keep this a private matter is both impossible and unhealthy. I admit there is still somewhat of a stigma around being infertile. But part of the reason if not the entire reason is because people who are infertile don’t ivf abu dhabi share and educate the people around them. A diagnosis of infertility is scary and you will need the support of those closest to you. These are the same people who will tell you, “well so and so went through this..” here’s an opportunity to reach out to that person and ask which clinic they used. If direct word of mouth referrals gets you nowhere go to the online infertility community.